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Operations Manager

International exposure

給与 700 - 850 万円


Our client is a world leader in steel Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), a multi-modal, reusable metal box system that provides packaging, transportation and storage for global core industries.


This Position is a key function the Japan business. The staff member is responsible for the Japan logistics & customer support operations which include inventory equipment control as well as the induction program with end users ensuring that end users are fully trained and educated with handling of our IBC. The Position shall also exercise his/her inquisitive mind looking out for business opportunity within the end users environment and render support to sales personnel accordingly. In summary, the key function of this Position is broadly defined as follows:

  • Overall Japan Logistics & Customer Supports Operations
  • Tracking of inventory equipment which include conduct of inventory count and reconciliation
  • Establish procedure with traders/distributors of customers ensuring information of our IBC are timely made known when they are being transferred from one party to another
  • End users induction and technical support
  • Implementation of Shipment Confirmation and scanning procedures with packers and their distributors/traders
  • Implementation of operation process with end user – stock card/dehire arrangement
  • To work with the Sales people and HQ Planning team closely to ensure sales orders are met within the required promised timeline.
  • To work with the HQ equipment control team closely to ensure all empty IBCs are recovered speedily in meeting new demands
  • To be actively involved in equipment tracking and recovery which include inventory count and reconciliation.
  • To work with LSPs closely to pick up and deliver the empty IBCs in an efficient and cost effective way.
  • To source for reliable LSPs, sets KPI and measure their performance against set KPIs.
  • To continuously develop and establish logistics network infrastructure within Japan to support the existing and new businesses.
  • To track, review and improve cycle time in moving empty IBCs.
  • To explore and establish custom formalities dealing with importation, exportation and local usage of our IBC in Japan.
  • To work with HQ closely to achieve cost saving objective.
  • To educate and train end users of their IBC for proper handling of their IBC to avoid any damages to IBC from happening
  • To assist end users of their IBC relating to discharging of product from our IBC
  • To explain and implement the dehire procedure with end users.
  •  To support the sales team to ensure customers requirement and request are effectively handled. 
  • Establish logistics infrastructure within Japan to carry out the collection and delivery of IBCs
  • To be responsible for the development and implementation of logistics plans, including flow chart, process flow etc.
  • To accurately track and manage the IBC equipment inventory to ensure zero losses
  • To establish the required custom clearance procedures to ensure IBCs can be readily supplied to meet the business requirement across Japan
  • To ensure all end users are confident in handling the IBC in a proper fashion and minimizes damages to the IBCs.
  • To ensure that all customers’ inquiries on technical matters are professionally handled.
  • To ensure that there is proper follow up on action required by its offices with regard to technical support area.
  • To be responsible for effective implementation of procedures laid down by its head office.


  • Strong background in supply chain management, including planning, operations management, logistics service providers management, inventory management, process and systems improvement
  • Experience with and knowledge of 3PL/4PL service providers (including shipping, trucking, rail)
  • Ability to create organizational capabilities to support and drive strategy; manage and create operational logistics effectiveness.
  • Strong project management ability & problem solving skills
  • Team leadership and management of people
  • Strong initiatives for cost improvement – vendor services, turnaround time, fulfilment, trade lanes optimization etc.
  • Good working attitude with strong sense of urgency to accomplish defined and yet challenging goals set by the Management.
  • Prior working experience with SAP is preferred.

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Supply Chain Management

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    給与 500 - 800 万円
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    給与 500 - 720 万円


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