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EHS Country Manager

Big EHS Country Manager position!

給与 1000 - 1500 万円


The Japanese market for technical materials is one of the most advanced in the world. Not only are some of our client's strongest competitors based in Japan, but the nation's industrial customers and end-users are also among the most sophisticated to be found anywhere. The essence of what the company does is simple: They transform materials into products that make up the very fabric of the modern world. Things that are all around you in everyday life: from sapphire lenses that scan your supermarket shopping, fresh water pipes and insulation for your home, and safety glass for motor vehicles, through to high-performance composite materials for train, aircraft, and space programs.


Support and accelerate EHS risk management and EHS cultural change across the country by training, guiding, and coaching site personal in accordance with the APAC EHS philosophy and approach. Act as a subject matter expert and key change agent that can influence at the site operations management levels of the organization and produce sustainable results. Support sites in the country with EHS legal compliance and compliance with EHS standards and corporate policies and facilitate coordination between APAC General Delegation and Activities.
MAIN DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following two parts: supporting and supervision. Other duties may be assigned.
1- Supporting
Assists Plant managers and General managers in the development, implementation and administration of Group EHS policies, EHS frame of reference, standards and existing tools through:

  • Understanding and translating EHS frame of reference, procedures and standards in line with Group rules and communicating them to concerned persons in local language(s)
  • Conducting local legal watch and communicating the essentials to site EHS practitioners
  • Establishing simple and practicable tools adapted to the local situation for deploying the EHS standards and then training concerned people.
  • Providing technical coaching and good practice sharing.
  • Deploying and delivering EHS training courses according to EHS training matrix mainly for GM, Plant manager, operations managers, standards champions as well as site EHS managers..
  • Making all entities report in group reporting system Gaia for Delegation and proceed to the follow-up of data and update of users
  • Assisting site GMs in hiring competent EHS practitioners
  • Communicate horizontally (sites in the country) and vertically (APAC Delegation) across the region on EHS threats, strengths, weakness, or opportunities and take action where necessary                     
  • Managing the Gaia users and support BU EHS to review the yearly EHS Gaia reporting data from each of the sites.                            
  • Be an active member of the Country Management Committee (if have); provide relevant information to VP & Country Managers for making key EHS decisions within the country. providing EHS orientation training to Junior EHS practitioners
  • Lead country calls, committees, and seminars to deliver change across the country.  Deliver trainings on, Sector, Delegation EHS standards, provide coaching to EHS team in the country.   
  • Serve as subject matter expert on EHS tools and processes; provide relevant & practical expertise to sites.
  • Monitor, track, and support the EHS growth of new acquisitions    
  • Be an active member of the Country Management Committee (if have); provide relevant information to VP & Country Managers for making key EHS decisions within the country.                  
2- Supervision 
Assists AP Delegation EHS in collecting information and conducting supervision
  • Organizes legal compliance audits and highlights the main risks of legal compliance to GM and requests non-compliant entity to work on active action plans to reach compliance in the required deadline.
  • Organizes EHS audits (20 step audits on management system and EHS standards cross audit on specific program), reviews and Due Diligence audits
  • Conduct post-audit action follow-up
  • Sends alerts to AP delegation EHS and on specific risky cases especially for managerial issues
  • Participates in regular teleconferences, meetings with AP delegation EHS, BU/Sector EHS.


Typical Education Level:
University graduate in Safety mechanical, Safety engineering, Chemical, Environmental engineering, Occupational Health or Hygienist background + post graduate in Social Education, Management, language, etc
Specialized knowledge and skills:
8 years EHS experience in industry and manufacturing environment
Language skills :
Country local language, English mandatory, French or other language is a plus.
Relations with Site/BU GM/MD, Operations managers, EHS, Corporate EHS, with other collateral managers and country delegation department, etc.
Relations with local authorities, consultant, other EHS managers in companies, association, et
Reporting to: Functional: 
APAC EHS Director     Operational :  Regional  MD

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