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EHS Manager (Kakegawa)

Exciting EHS specialist position!

給与 500 - 900 万円


50 年以上時代をリードしてきた Tyco Electronics は、通信やエネルギー市場のネットワークソリューション、およびシステム、海底通信システム、高付加価値製品など、何千もの消費者および産業製品の工業的電子部品の世界的プロバイダです。 (売上高は 103億米ドル。 )自動車、データ通信システムおよびコンシューマエレクトロニクス、航空宇宙、防衛&海洋、医療、および代替エネルギーおよび照明に至るまでの広範囲にわたる産業のお客様のための製品を設計、製造および市場販売。 Tyco Electronics は、「 TEL」のシンボルコードでニューヨーク証券取引所に上場しています。同社が開発してきた電子部品は 500,000点にも上ります。これらはすべて、当社が提供するあらゆる技術、製品、サービスに性能優位性を持たせるというコミットメントを持つ、約 75,000名の優秀な従業員によって支えられています。


Plant EHS Manager (安全衛生環境推進部長)

  • The EHS manager will manage and work with 3 plant EHS specialists/analysts for an electronics manufacturing facility with 600-700 employees.
  • This time, EHS specialty and English fluency are not necessary – preferable.
  • But the management experience as a manufacturing or facility manager of mass-production factory is most important.
  • As a manager of the plant EHS team, this position will be responsible for all aspects of environmental, health and safety to develop comprehensive loss control programs and assure minimum risk to employees and compliance with national and local regulations. The development and maintenance of corporate environmental, health and safety programs will be under the guidance of this role.
Responsibilities include the following:
  • Work with the EHS and other team members to establish world class environmental, safety and health systems and ensure regulatory compliance at the plant.
  • Support management staff, supervisors, employees, etc. to improve the safety culture and maintain compliance with legal requirements and corporate EHS programs.
  • Advise management of environmental and safety issues and ensure corrective actions are in place by tracking items to closure.
  • Interact with national and local agencies, when needed, and perform various compliance audits to ensure compliance with all EHS regulations.
  • Maintain and organize EHS records in accordance with regulatory and ISO 14001 requirements.
  • Ensure needed EHS procedures and related training are established and kept current to achieve annual goals.
  • Help others to lead initiatives to improve the safety and sustainability of the workplace.


Requirements include the following:

  • This time, EHS specialty and English fluency are not necessary – preferable.
  • But the management experience as a manufacturing or facility manager of mass-production factory is most important
  • Minimum of 3 to 5 year experiences in EHS field is required.
  • In depth knowledge and experiences on EHS procedures including the following and national and local EHS laws are important for success in this role:
 ・Behavior Based Safety
 ・Risk Assessment
 ・Chemical Management
 ・Hazardous Waste Management
 ・Machinery Safety (e.g. machine guarding, LOTO)
  • Excellent communication skills in both Japanese and English, proficiency at documentation and working independently are essential.
  • Qualifications and licenses such as the Pollution Prevention Supervisor (公害防止管理者), the First Class Health Manager (第一種衛生管理者), Industrial Safety Consultant(労働安全コンサルタント), Industrial Health Consultant (労働衛生コンサルタント), Work Supervisor (作業主任者), Dangerous Materials Security Supervisor (危険物保安監督者) are plus.

IGS Consultant

Thomas Donnelly


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  • EHS Staff

    EHS role with famous pharma company!!!!!

    給与 900 - 1100 万円



  • EHS Staff

    EHS staff needed in Tokyo.

    給与 600 - 1000 万円


    Our client is an American company based in Silicon Valley that offers the most advance and cutting edge semiconductor equipment, service and software solutions for electronics, flat panel displays and solar products. They are the only company that doubles their stock in NASDAQ year on year and employs the best and brightest individual in the society to innovate new technology and be able to compete globally and dominate the market.

  • EHS Manager

    EHS Manager needed in Tokyo!!!

    給与 1000 - 1100 万円


    The Japanese market for technical materials is one of the most advanced in the world. Not only are some of our client's strongest competitors based in Japan, but the nation's industrial customers and end-users are also among the most sophisticated to be found anywhere. The essence of what the company does is simple: They transform materials into products that make up the very fabric of the modern world. Things that are all around you in everyday life: from sapphire lenses that scan your supermarket shopping, fresh water pipes and insulation for your home, and safety glass for motor vehicles, through to high-performance composite materials for train, aircraft, and space programs.